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My H1B is approved. Need suggestions to continue or discontinue masters

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  • My H1B is approved. Need suggestions to continue or discontinue masters

    Hello All, I want to thank you for posting and providing suggestion on the status. This Desiopt has saved so many people.

    My Question: I graduate masters in Dec 2012. I have applied my OPT in Jan 2013 and it got denied in DEC 2013. I crossed the border and came back to USA on new I-94 and I-20. I took CPT from Day 1 and completed 2 semester for now. My H1B is approved two weeks back and I don't want to continue my masters.

    I was thinkg to take semester break with CPT because i need to be status till oct as H1B starts from Oct 1st. I don't have any clue what happens to my status after Oct 1st. I am planning to go for stamping in Dec 2014 and i want to know whether i can discontinue my masters.

    Do i need to any documnet from my school before going to stamping like travel I20 or something like that. What are the documents i need plan for the stamping. Do i need to intimate my school that i am going to discontinue my masters.

    Please provide the suggestions and thank you for your help.

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      Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (July 29th)


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        I reached my DSO to get travel I20 but she explained that after 10/01 my sevis will be terminated automatically from SEVP and i won't be F1 anymore.

        I don't understand how i need to react to this status and how i need to plan my H1B stamping. Please let me know if any suggest


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          1) hi ther, since your h1 starts on October 1st u should be in F-1 status till then , if you are taking semester break if that break ends before September u should enroll in university to be in a valid status.
          2) if u r going to stamping u can discontinue your masters .
          3) if u r willing yes u can carry but in this situation from October u will be continuing your program on part time basis so it depends upon the regulations of the university so better contact your DSO to get your travel I-20 so u can even come back with your university if any situation occurs in h1 stamping .
          4) from October you are in h1 status then it's your wish to discontinue or to continue on part time basis so until September 30th u should be with university and then u can discontinue it . But yes it is good to intimate the university.


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            1) CPT is need if you are working and since you are not working you can skip CPT and continue studies (Make sure you take full credits to be in status as there might be a scenario where they will ask for docs during H1b renewal. 2) After Oct 1st your F1 will expire and H1 will start and you can only be on one status ( Just a recommendation - Take a break from F1 but keep i20 and other school docs before you go for H1b stamping) 3) Yes they might ask for your legal status 4) Just google in you will find bunch of articles with sample questions 5) Yes but they will know and they know that your H1b is approved on Oct 1st you sevis will auto deactivate... Good Luck..


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              After oct 1st if you want to u can discontinue


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                1 if u get 797a then u will be on h1 .
                2 yes once u got into h1 status u can discontinue .