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  • Apply for Online MS Programe on H1B


    I'm doing job on H1B, visa will expire in sep 2015. I'm planning to apply for an online MS program in WGU. It's gonna be part time. Let's consider i'm joining that 2 year pgm from july, i have some questions as mention below:

    1. Unfortunatly, if my employer does not extend my visa & I'm not able to switch to other employer. In that case, i would need to change status of my visa from H1B to F-1, How difficult is that?
    2.When i would change my status to F1, Am i suppose to appear for GRE? am i supposed to change program type from part time to full time?
    3. Suppose that i complete one semester on F1, would i be eligible for OPT?
    4. If my employer extends my Visa then i would be able to complete whole part time MS program on H1B. I don't think , i would be eligible for OPT in this case. Pls correct me if am wrong.

    Thanks in advance!!!

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      Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (July 7th)


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        Why not apply for greencard through employer?


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          1) if you wanted to change from h1 to f1 you need to apply for change of status which is the form I-539 and you should enroll full time in the university and usually USCIS takes 1-2 months to approve the change of status and you should be approved with this change of status before your final day on h1 status and if you cross the country next time you need to get f1 visa .
          2) it depends upon the university if they asked you to get GRE score you should get it or in most of the cases they will ask you to enroll for ESL if required seriously , it depends upon university counselor.
          3)if you complete you masters as a full time student you are eligible for OPT but you can get your CPT upon the university rules and regulations .
          4) yes if your employer extends you can complete your masters on part time basis then you will not be eligible for OPT.


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            Originally posted by DesiOPT-FaceBook-Fan View Post
            Why not apply for greencard through employer?
            if he is indian or chinese it would take forever to get gc at least 5 yrs under current law