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Exempt vs Non Exempt Job on H1B

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  • Exempt vs Non Exempt Job on H1B


    I am seeking a new job where the new employer is asking me to join as a non exempt employee for a year before I can be converted to exempt whereas currently I am working as an exempt employee.

    1. Can you please help explain the advantages and disadvantages of being exempt and non exempt in all terms including benefits, immigration, probation period, etc.

    2. What are the things I should check and make sure with new employer before accepting such non-exempt job?

    3. Does non-exempt mean it is a temporary job?

    Can you please post this ASAP as it is very urgent for me to reply to the prospective employer.

    Thanks and appreciate your help.

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      I really dont understand u r question ..


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        My "guess" , exempt = not counted toward h1b cap non-exempt= counted toward h1b quota


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          1. Non-Exempt - Full time permanent position; paid hourly
          Exempt - Full time permanent position; paid per pay-check

          In short Exempt employees are not paid for overtime work whereas non-exempt employees do. Rest of the benefits remain same.
          Non-exempt employees are paid 1.5 - 2 times your regular pay/hour depending on the overtime you do.

          2. If its not a consulting job, you don't need to worry much.

          3. No


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            I sent you a message. Please check your other folder.