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  • H1B Regular Processing- No News Yet?

    Hi DesiOpt,

    My OPT expires on May 10. I've applied for my OPT extension and it's under Initial Review. Also, I applied for H1-B this year in Regular Processing, haven't heard back from them yet. Will I be able to work after my OPT expires? Also when do you think my employer might know if my application is picked in the lottery. Thanks for the help in advance.

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    1. 60 days 2. Wait till you get a rejection #hope drives life


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      You can work for 180 days after your first OPT expires, condition when your OPT stem application is pending, and you should get your OPT Stem in that period.
      No comments on H1b at this time as it's a lottery and it's all luck.
      Good luck !


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        Tou can work until your EAD stem extension decision is not made. If H1B fee cheque gets deducted from employer's account, means you are the lucky one. #mayluckisinyourfavour