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H1B- when is the right time to apply?

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  • H1B- when is the right time to apply?

    I started my opt on aug 5 2013. And I would like to know when is the right time to start applying for H1B ? Can you please guide me through this process?

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      if u come under cap then as soon as possible.. becoz of grate chance for lottery in coming yrs there is a luck factor involved in so plan wisely ..


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        1st OPT->Aug 5 2013 to Aug 5th 2014
        STEM Extrension -> Aug 5th 2014 -> Jan 2015
        So you have two chances of Applying for H1
        1. April 2014
        2. April 2015
        It depends on your personal Interest
        Some people choose to apply first as If you apply for GC after H1 you will be one year ahead. Some people use max of OPT to exempt from Taxes.