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Apply H1 eventhough not on job ?

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  • Apply H1 eventhough not on job ?

    Hi Guys,
    Here is my situation... I have Masters in chemistry and working on IT. so, my OPT extension is likely to be rejected and so I am planning to join a new univ with IT program. So, my plan is to continue the Masters in IT and apply for H1 on Masters in chemistry (with my previous degree) next year April, 2014. so my questions are: is this option possible? if so, will my application be considered under Masters cap or under general cap? Should I be working in that field when I apply for H1 or is that ok even if I am not working at that time, but, have my employer letter saying that my join date will be started from october 1st ,2014?

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      Why is your opt ext likely to be rejected?


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        No not possibe. If your Join a school you will be on F1 and it is not possible for a guy to apply H1


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          just try to find a course in your department which matches both chemistry as well as programming , that would be a middle solution to over come education related RFE , in that way you will be able to show relationship between your masters and job , without it , it is so difficult to over come education related RFEs only professors at your Universities can save it , noone else , because USCIS will ask for your academic transcript and without computer subjects on transcript , only a miracles can save your OPT !! but now a days every field has computer subjects in it , i do not know much about chemistry , but there are few field in chemistry which involve programming while designing new molecules , you can get those subject , also , do not forget to collect proof that you studied programming through out your academic career , viz. your Bachelors in India , then your masters , it is really good idea to have an IT related degree in USA , because of employment opportunities and immigration benefits , best of luck !!


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            last but not least , you can appear for exams offered by individual organization , viz. if you are SQL developer then you may consider Oracle DBA cert exams , if you are .Net developer you may consider Microsoft dot net certificates , etc . those so called organizations offer certificate courses if you pass those courses and if you can show that to USCIS then there are "SOME" chances of approval !! but still USCIS blindly follows two things 1) courses on your University Transcript 2) your actual experience , so you can still try your Luck , who knows you may or you may not be Lucky enough !!