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Desperate for a H1B. Need suggestions, please.

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  • Desperate for a H1B. Need suggestions, please.


    I am a software engineer working for an MNC in India. I want to find a job in US in the next year(2014) by getting a H1B Visa through consultancy. I have some new guy questions on the process and all.

    1. What is probability that my Visa get approved, If I apply through consultancy? I heard from some of my fellow associates that rejection rate is high in this case.

    2. What are the factors to look in a consultancy, while choosing one? I have some of my relatives who knew people who are tied up/running some consultancies in US. Can I trust them?

    3. If I get into US with a F1 Visa, Can I get a job without joining the university? Is it legally allowed to use a F1 as a replacement for H1B?

    Please share your opinions. Thanks in advance.

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      1) Its complete luck that's what I feel and your presentation skills combined with your employer reputation 2) Look for few factors like Number of employee and how long is company in business and what all services dose it provide and if possible look for a firm that have internal projects... 3) My friend if you have a intention to work the go for H1 if you want to enhance skills then come on F1.... Be clear on what you want... On the other hand if you want to come as an F1 you cant start working for anyone there are laws that you have to go by and you are left with 2 choices. I) to come on F1 graduate and then apply for H1 ii) Come straight on H1 and start working.... Good Luck buddy...