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Salary below 60K - Is that a problem while filing H1B

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  • Salary below 60K - Is that a problem while filing H1B


    I am currently on OPT working as a Jr level consultant.I am on a long term project. I am looking to file H1B in April 2014. My major concern is the pay, As the position is a jr level position, my hourly pay is low which comes upto approximately 52k on my payroll. Would that be a problem when I apply for H1B as the package is below 60K. I heard that the minimum salary for people under STEM should be 60K.

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      Nothing like that


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        Absolutely not! You are fine. As long as the company can sponsor you, you are good!


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          Should not have any problem, not everybody make 60K+ around where I live


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            There is a prevailing wage for every Job for every job location which can be obtained from the Department of labor website. Your employer needs to pay that or more than that amount, what ever it is for your particular case, to get an LCA for your H1B. SO as long as that is above your pay, you are good.


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              It's nothing like that , your employer need to apply LCA minimum rate of 60 k when sponsoring H1 after getting approval your H1 status starts from October 1 from their they Ned to pay 60k


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                I don’t think this is the case – the issue is being sponsored while filing H1B but you can check with the Department of Labor if you are not certain that the level of pay is adequate.