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h1b approved. Joining on oct 14th.

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  • h1b approved. Joining on oct 14th.

    OPT started from Feb, 2013.

    I am currently working for a company xyz in OPT .

    But I am going to work soon in company 'abc' which filed my h1b this year.

    I got my H1b approved (under automatic change of status )from my full time company and it is starting on October1st 2013.

    My joining date of company abc is October 14, 2013.

    Question 1: Will there be any problem for my h1b for having the gap of 14 days. H1b visa is starting on Oct-1st 2013 and joining is on oct 14th 2013.

    Question 2:

    My current company is not paying me every month. I got paid for the whole project as contractor. Therefore no paystubs. Do I need to show paystubs of my current company when I go for h1b stamping in future ?

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      1 :Hmm nothing to worry .
      2: if they ask just show u r 1099 ..


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        No worries buddy... Life is kool and simple for you... Just apply for a vacation from 1st to 15th and that will solve your issues.... As On h1 be you can take a break for 1 month... (No pay for a Month). This is what I know.... Good Luck..


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          how do we get a 1099 ?


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            To get an 1099 ask ur previous company who paid u on project. They should be able to issue that. Accounts dept could help u. Ask ur accountant who i filing ur taxes for year.


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              A1: The new company which filed your H1B must have filed with the offer letter and the start date as 14th october. So i don't see a problem. Did you see your original I-797 form with the dates? Even then 14 days shouldn't be a problem.


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                A2: If you are not on W2, then they must give you a 1099. Some companies do this to avoid unnecessary Unemployment insurance and taxes. You can carry what you have when you go for stamping. You cannot change that. So dont worry about it. When its a full time job, mostly your current company paystubs, docs would suffice.