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A few H1b questions

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  • trikibasey2
    started a topic A few H1b questions

    A few H1b questions

    Is it possible to go for H1b stamping if you already have a valid visa stamp in your passport but you got an extension? (The first stamp was never used to enter the US, got extented before you went back)

    Is the visa interview for stamping if you are already living in the US with a change of status different than if you are getting an H1b through consular processing

    Can you enter the US if you only have a week left in your visa? (The employer is going to file for extension during that week)

    if you were living in the US with an H1b status but no visa stamp in 2020 before the pandemic, but left the country for an emergency and need a visa stamp to comeback, are you exempt from the H1b travel ban? (Supposing you're able to get an appointement)

    If you are stuck overseas can your employer still file for extension for you even if you are outside the US?

    If you get denied the stamp due to the travel ban, can you apply again and will that affect your subsequent applications?

    If you can't get a stamp before your visa expires and the extension doesn't work, what recourse do you have in order to take care of your property (rent, car, furniture and others things)