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  • H4 to F1 query...

    Hi All,

    I had applied for a change of status from H4 to F1 and have now received the RFE (Request for Additional Evidence) saying the below.

    1. Your application indicates that you have been away from your home country for an extended period of time. Provide documentary evidence that you have an employment in a foreign country and that you have been authorized vacation or leave of absence for the period of time already spent in the United States and requested on your application.

    2. Submit justification for remaining in the U.S. to study instead of attending an institution in your home country.

    3. Submit document(s) and translation(s) of proof of residence in the country to which you plan to return after completing the proposed study program. does the study at this time will be helpful to you after returning to your home country?
    5). Submit proof for all residential addresses in the U.S. i.e. telephone bills, utility bills, rent receipts, etc, since arrival in the US. Provide proof of current address and telephone number. Bills for cellular phone are not valid proof of address.
    My background for you to get an idea:
    Came to US in Jun 2010 on H4 visa and my i-94 expires Dec 2013.
    Started school in Jan 2013 on H4 visa - pursuing MS in CSE.
    Has anyone seen any query like this before? I really don't understand:
    Point 1 : I'm not on leave of absence or vacation, no idea what made them write that
    Point 2 : In the letter I had clearly mentioned my husband is here that is why I want to stay in this country
    Point 3 : what documents I have to submit.
    Point 4 : what points I have to mention in this?
    Point 5): I dont have ssn. there is no eveidence. I m here since 2010 and have changed three states. How can I get the old records from leasing office like the agreement but lease agreement doesnot have my name.
    Has any one seen anything similar to this? Any help will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    Please contact Attorney's for your current situation. DesiOPT is collaborating with 5 attorneys. You can contact them directly via email/ phone. Initial Consult is Free. Their information is listed on home page.
    I am providing direct links as well:


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        which college have you joined?


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          I have applied from h4 to F1 visa on june 2013. I have not been asked any of these. I have attached atleast 20 proof document. Mine is still in intial review status.


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            Hello, I am in a similar situation now. can u tell me how did u go about this issue?