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  • F1 VISA expiring

    Hi folks,

    This is Manoj Gandamalla, I had applied for H-1 VISA this year but it was not picked in the lottery system (as I had to apply with Under-grad as highest degree) and I will be applying again next year with Masters as the highest degree. So if my H-1 approved, I will be on H1 VISA status from October 1st, 2014.

    I am currently on OPT status until May 1st 2014 which can be extended for 7 months (December 2014). I recently realized that [B]my F-1 VISA is expiring on Nov 5th 2013[/B] and I will not be able to go to India between Nov 5th 2013 (F-1 VISA expiry date) - Oct 1st 2014 (Considering my H-1 will be approved). As I would not have a valid VISA status and would be stopped at any of the entry port to USA.

    I will have to visit India once during this time frame for a wedding, so wanted to check if there is any way to go to India between this time duration (Nov-5th 2013 – Oct 1st 2014). Is there a way to extend my F1 VISA status for 1 more year?

    If this is not possible (going to India between Nov-5th 2013 – Oct 1st 2014), as a last resort I would like to visit India before Nov 5th 2013. Would it be a problem at immigration check if I do this, as it would be couple of weeks before my F-1 VISA status expires.


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      why are you sharing your personal details?


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        Unless its your wedding, cancel


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          he is not sharing his personal details just asking for help..stop being so judgmental idiot


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            Hi Manoj, Did you get any more information on this? Have you decided on going to India? I am in the same situation as yours. But my VISA is valid until 2015. I lost my passport recently. Hence i received a new passport but i amfraid about restamping. I need to go to India in October


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              Hi ,

              Yes I had consulted my lawyer and the university and got an answer for my situation. So, in my case I have a valid I20 until next December(OPT) but the F1 Visa will be expiring this November.
              If I plan to visit India after Nov, I will have to apply for VISA extension based on my OPT I20. I was told that if I show my pay-stubs for the last 6-12 months + a letter from my employer will help in getting the VISA extension easily. This isn't 100% guaranteed, I will probably push my visit until my H1 is approved unless required.

              In your case: You should be able to get the VISA stamping done for sure. But, make sure you have enough documents to back you up. Probably consider waiting until you get your H1 VISA approval.

              As its a risk on us to re-apply.


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                Thansk a lot for your reply.

                My university said its safe to go. My lawyer told me about risks. My OPT I20 is valid until May 2014.
                Have you heard of any cases where the VISA was rejected?
                ALso, can you please explain why do you think in my case, i should be getting it for sure?