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Error in cilling I-134.

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  • Error in cilling I-134.

    I have applied for cos from H4 to F1. My spouse is the sponsorer and by mistake he filled the wrong date of birth. What are the chances of denial or can they send RFE ??? Can I send a new I 134 now???

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      Most likely you will be issued an RFE rather than an outright denial if your birth date is the only issue. I wouldn't send anything to USCIS unless requested - if you do, it will probably get lost somewhere in their mail room. If you have a receipt number for your COS application, you can try calling USCIS National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283 to correct the mistake over the phone. You will need your receipt number to do so. Sometimes this works (sometimes it doesn't). (If you haven't received a receipt notice yet, but you paid by check and the check has been cashed, your receipt number should be printed on the back of the check. You can view the check on your online bank account statement.)