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H1 to F1 Visa- What are the chances of approval ?

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  • H1 to F1 Visa- What are the chances of approval ?

    Hi Desi OPT, My H1 Visa is getting expired next month. I have not applied for Greencard. There is no extension too. I have applied for a college in CA and got I-20. I did submit my documents to the USCIS and awaiting response for change in my status to F1.

    1. I wanted to know how are the chances for this process to be approved.
    2. Do I need to go to my home country for stamping my F1 Visa.

    This was posted on on August 9th 2013

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    I think you need to go to your home country for approval..the chances for stamping depends on how you justify your second masters..


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      Chances of getting your COS approval depends on university and financial status...

      And it will take 3~4 months .and once it approved you don't need to go for stamping as long as you are staying here..

      If you went outside you have to go for stamping and chances will be very less
      And as satya said it depends on how will justify your second masters ..
      You may get same question for your COS Also


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        You will get your approval but you might have to wait for couple of months..usual time frame is about 2-3 months if you had filed it from any of the east coast colleges..i heard it will take little longer than usual time frame from west coast colleges...processing time differs when the change of status filed from east and west coast...H1 stamping chances are fifty percent in your home country...