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Name error in I-94

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  • Name error in I-94

    Hi Desiopt members...I am new to this group and to this country (USA) as well. I just came 2days back and the problem is when I checked my I-94 online there is a mistake with my first name and last name.
    My name in Passport is First Name = "XXXXXXX YYYYYYYYY" and Surname= <Blank>. Name in Visa Surname ="XXXXXXX YYYYYYYYY" and First Name ="FNU"
    As per my visa, I-20 I don't have a First Name but when I checked online my I-94, Has name as below:
    surname: XXXXXXXX
    First name: YYYYYYY
    Please advise me what to do now. I am confused...I really appreciate your help.