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Planning another Master Degree- F1 Visa

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  • Planning another Master Degree- F1 Visa

    I am planning to do another Masters at different University, and that will probably start in August next year, however my degree will end by May.What can i do to maintain status, without going back to India.The reason Iam asking is because , I know one guy who went back, and then got his visa rejected at the consulate. I dont know the reason why his was rejected, but i want to avoid this at any cost. What options do i have to maintain F1 status? Do i need to extend my studies till summer or what are the cheapest option available, considering the fact the tuition at my university is high?

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    You will have 60 days of grace period after your degree ending in May, that you could legally stay here. So maybe you could connect the 60 days between two masters.


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      You can take summer course(s) and graduate in July.


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        I think you have a grace period of 90 days after your graduation


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          Get i20 4m the new school and transfer the sevis record also here.. Then ur stay is good untill ur visa is valid....