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What are the chances of me getting the OPT and do I need to country out?

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  • What are the chances of me getting the OPT and do I need to country out?

    I applied for my opt in may. My DSO went into my i20 and changed my status from student to requesting opt on April 23rd. I sent in my documents with the fee waiver on May 3rd. I got all my documents back from them requesting my income tax returns for last year. I added my income tax returns and sent the documents soon after. On July 9th, 2013 they denied my opt on basis of my documents getting there later than the deadline, the deadline that my DSO was never aware of or neither was I ( That once your DSO changes your status on your i20 from student to requesting opt, you have 30 days to get all your documents to uscis) my final documents got to uscis on May 23rd and my i20 was changed on April 23rd, making may 23rd the 31st day instead of the 30th day. I went to my DSO and explained everything to her and asked her if she can write a letter in my support to reopen the case and explaining she never told me about that particular deadline, she refused at first but then I went to the higher authorities and she wrote the letter in my support. I wrote an affidavit explaining everything as well. I also got a letter from another student who graduated with me and got his opt refused for same reason. He wrote letter stating he wasn't informed about that deadline either! You have 30 days to get your case reopened and I did reopen my case within those 30 days, do I need to country out? M I illegal at this point?
    I received a letter from uscis that they have reopened the case. What do you guys think are my chances of getting my opt?