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    I am an undergraduate student at Montana State University and due to some financial problems back home and circumstances beyond my control, I was not able to pay my tuition fee for the spring 2013. The student accounts at my university is not letting me register for the next semester until I clear this debt off. The office of International Programs will terminate my I-20 if I don't pay and register until the first day of classes i.e. 26th of August. I have 2 more semesters left, graduating in May 2014. I have no one to co-sign a loan application for me and was not able to get credit cards because of an insufficient credit history. Considering all this , I have decided to transfer to another school. My questions are as following -

    1. Does anyone know anything about Berea College in Kentucky? This is where I am planning to transfer. . If any of you studies there,I would appreciate some info on admissions.
    2. I want to maintain a legal status by getting an I-20 from Berea and coming back to MSU to finish my degree after having spent a semester at Berea. Do I have to transfer my credits ( 90+ ) to the other college ? Or Can I enroll as a new student without having to transfer my credits? I plan to study at Berea for a semester, want to study only those courses that can be transferred to my current University and save up some money during my time time at Berea to pay my tuition fee.

    All suggestions/recommendations would be really appreciated! Thank you!