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Can I work 40 hours per week on F1 Visa with approval?

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  • Can I work 40 hours per week on F1 Visa with approval?

    I am MS CS student in my 3rd semester, my last one with coursework.I am currently enrolled for 3 courses(9 units) for Spring 13.
    I got an internship and both company and university are giving me 20hrs of CPT which is good. Currently I am on campus as graduate assistant for 20 hrs.

    My question:
    If my grad advisor and my Internaltional department at university give me acceptance, is it OK to work for both? I mean to work as full time for 40hrs? even my campus job is related to my filed of study. PS: I dont want to face any trouble while OPT or H1 processing.

    This was posted on on march 18th 2013

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    U r in third semester which says that u are eligible to CPT
    U r supposed to work only 20 hours per weeek
    Upon the approval provided that u have no course subjects to take
    and if the work which you are going to work really enhances your knowledge u are allowed to work 40 hours
    But this is the extreme case


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      With course load you are just allowed to work for 20 hrs. While in my university there was a way to work during a semester. You get enrolled in internship credits, which will be 3 units but it will be considered as full time enrollment, then you can apply for CPT and work for 40 hrs. This is the best way out but I guess u can do this only next semester as this is too late. Moreover it is hardly a month left before summer session starts and during summer without any course work you can work 40 hrs on CPT without any problem. If u can extend your start date of internship till end of this semester that will be really great for u and u can work with no tension.


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        If you are enrolled in CPT and provided you quit the job as a graduate assistant, you can work for 40 hours a week without any problems. Even on CPT you can work at two part times that is 20 hours or one full time which is 40 hours. You can also get full benefits and there is no minimum salary wage. You are legally authorized to work. But it should be related to your major, which your department will approve.


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            On CPT with academic session in progress, you cannot work more than 20 hours, unless its your last semester and your workload is less than normal work load.


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              Irrespective of course work, on CPT you cannot work on campus + internship. You will have to leave the on campus job.