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  • Need your feedback

    how often do we appreciate people who are actively helping other F1 Visa Students ? (Top Commenters on

    A) once a week
    Once in Two weeks
    C) Once a month

    Like this post if you can't comment or frequency doesn't matter

    Staying on F1 Visa is quite challenging - there is no excuse for mistakes.

    Let's take a moment to thank people who can make a difference in some one else career by sharing their experience.

    This was posted on on July 19th 2013

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    I personally feel there is no need to appreciate. I just love this site and I will comment about what I know and I personally do not expect anything back from you. Do whatever you want to do to grow better in next few years. Over the months you are fantastic and please continue to do so....


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      Thanks for your feedback.

      You are doing a great job by sharing your knowledge, We would like to personally thank you on behalf of 17k+ fans.

      Also, We will do our best to make this platform as useful as possible.

      Any time you have any concerns, please do message us, your feedback is important to us.