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F1 Expired. Going to India for Renewal

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  • F1 Expired. Going to India for Renewal

    I am on F1 visa doing my MBA from a reputed university. I came to the US in 2007 and also did my bachelors here and then worked on my OPT for a year and then started my MBA. My visa expired in 2011 but now I need to go to India to get married.

    I will graduate in April 2014 and I need to go to India in DEC 2013. I will need to get my visa renewed to come back to US.What is the process and are there any chances of denial? Any advice is appreciated.

    Thank you

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    if ur I-20 is valid till April '14.. then apply for visa renewal once u reach India. they shud be renewing it without much problem..99%


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      if ur a student already enrolled for classes and with a valid I20 you should not face any problems in getting the visa approved. But still there is 1% chance of getting denied


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        Thanks guys.. That's what I thought.. I was thinking of taking a date for the interview before I get to India that way I don't waste time.. Anything else u think might be imp to know.. Documents vise... Again appreciate all the help


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          Pls let me know the procedure even I am in same situation


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            so does it mean " do they really have separate application for renewal or we need to apply on fresh base even if we have valid I20 and enrolled for classes... I am in the same situation as well !!!