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  • International student persuing premed..

    I am an international student pursuing neuroscience at SUNY Stonybrook. Lot of people,especially professors, tell me it's very hard to get in Med school for international school. Is there any international student in med school, who can tell me what are the typical problems faced by international student other than high GPA, MCATS and financial requirement?

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    I am not a medical student but i know a bit about it. The main problem is huge competition and fewer seats and second reason being an "international student". Even if you have very good GPA and your academic record is excellent, you might face problem while applying for Residency. They basically prefer US citizens, then green card holders and the international students are in the least preference. Best of Luck.


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      american studenrs go to India to study medicine (MBBS) its very expencive here and you still have to compete while you can get mbbs degree really cheap in INDIA and then come back to US and pass the USMLE and start your redidency here which is common exam for both Americans and international students, and its biased towards american students. If you still want to pursue med school here and have enough funds you can get admission here but you should have great scores. The only advantage of med school here in US is you would have better chance of getting a good residency match.