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Is it possible to do two jobs in Summer Time- On Campus and Off Campus?

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  • Is it possible to do two jobs in Summer Time- On Campus and Off Campus?

    I am currently on F1 visa, graduating soon. I would like to work part time (20hours/week) off campus and currently I am working 20hours/ on campus. I would like to work 40 hours per week in summer. Is it possible to do two jobs in summer time? Thanks so much.

    This was posted on on July 8th 2013

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    Depends on the university. I am working 55 hrs/week. 20 on campus and 35 as CPT. Get in touch with your international services office, they'll tell you if the university has any restrictions


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      Now you should not talk about off campus legally...people will throw you


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        It is not possible and advisable.


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          As per the reader- Off Campus is the CPT Employment.


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            It depends on university mate...some universities won't allow you to do two jobs and some allow. Once contact career services department in your school


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              Students on F1 visa are not allowed to work off-campus during their first academic year. However, you can seek off-campus employment, after the completion of your first academic year, and you can take up Curricular Practical Training (CPT)
              Optional Practical Training (OPT) (pre-completion or post-completion) and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Optional Practical Training Extension (OPT). However, students on M-1 visa (vocational or other nonacademic programs) are allowed to take up practical training only after the completion of their course. Also note, the employment you choose must be authorized by the Designated School Official (DSO) and needs to be related to their area of study.