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Can I discontinue school on F1 Visa or should I change status to F2?

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  • Can I discontinue school on F1 Visa or should I change status to F2?

    A friend of mine is coming on F-1 visa.She wants to know if she she can come and change her visa status to F-2 if she does not like the studies. She is married to one of F-1 students here.
    I suggested her that keep staying on F-1 even if you discontinue school. Will there be an issue??

    This was posted on on June 27th 2013

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    How can you stay on F1 if you discontinue school?


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      Your status does not change automatically from F-1 to F-2 if you discontinue. I believe she has to apply for F-2 status through ISSO and then interview with US consulate for F-2 stamping. Ask her to inquiry about the application process from her school's international office, they will be able to help.


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        And yes, you cannot stay in F-1 status if you discontinue.


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          yes, you CANNOT stay on F1 if you discontinue school.. you have to take atleast minimum permissible credit hours each semester for the university that gave you F1.


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            You need to be enrolled atleast for 9 credit hours to remain in status on F1


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              I would strongly advise AGAINST that. I am sure in future she would wanna get a green card. This mite harm her application then.