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Enrolled 6 Credits, Will it effect my F1 visa ?

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  • Enrolled 6 Credits, Will it effect my F1 visa ?

    I withdrew one of my class (grad school) and came down to 6 credit hours. I was given permission from my academic adviser to withdraw. Will this hamper my F1 status?

    This was posted on on June 23rd 2013

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    Yes it will affect your status. In SEVIS, there is a list of reasons for an RCL (Reduced Course Load)

    Illness or Medical Condition
    Improper Course Level Placement
    Initial Difficulty with Reading Requirements
    Initial Difficulty with English Language
    To Complete Course of Study in Current Term
    Unfamiliarity with American Teaching Methods

    The eligibility will depend on the institute and your specific case, so discuss it with your office.


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      You can underenroll(less than 9-credit hours) once in your whole degree.. If it's first time for you then won't effect. You cannot do it twice. Usually people save this chance for the end to get proper time for job hunt. Your international advisor should give you better advise. In summer it doesn't matter at all..


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        In summer don't matter, it's a vacation period , unless ur school follows tri-semester schedule and your not on vacation during summer .


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          Now* your DSO....


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            Yes it will, you should be consulting your International education adviser. Most schools require undergrads to take a minimum of 12 and grads a minimum of 9 (a very few schools have slightly different rules). There is a provision to fall below your credit hours while in grad school , which your adviser should approve (its done in you case), not your DSO or international office should be notified about this