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    hello my friend's passport lost while delivery by usps. he applied for canada visa which approved. in tracking it shows it still in delivery process. its been 20 days. delivery type is priority mail should be here in 2 days. while we tried to contact with usps new york office they told us they lost package and they are looking into it. one indian guy who works there told us "they lost passport there is no way to get it back. we should apply for new one at indian embessy and should visit local police department for lost report." he already booked ticket for india on 4th dec(4 days remaining). we also applied for missing mail investigation by usps which i dont think will help us in few days. from usps nobody is answering and telling us where is passport right now.
    is there any way police department can help us to get his old passport? because option for new one will take one full day and without usa visa on it.
    is it possible that in case he gets new passport by indian emessy and still he can travel back without f1 visa on it?

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        Not possible to travel to USA with a new passport and no visa on it.


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          he can travel to india without visa but need to go to stamping in india .so he need to book the slot and plan his trip accordingly


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            he has to apply for F1 visa again before returning to USA


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              You need to collect all your documents and apply for new passport. Make sure your flight is not via London. Fill out DS160 and take an appointment for your F1 visa stamping in India.


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                Why not via London


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                  You will need a transit visa or visa of the country you flying from.


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                    In rare case, USPS might tell if they delivered passport to a wrong address and try to get it from there (happened without success with my friend). If nothing happens they will reimburse 105$ which is insurance cost setup already.

                    It is wise to reconsider travel dates. As all other options will take time. Police might not help much as passport is not stolen.


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                      can not travel anywhere when no passport.