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New F1 while pending H1

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  • New F1 while pending H1

    I am currently on F1 OPT Extension, and next year my employer plans to apply for H1 for me. I am considering applying for my PhD this year, and in case I get admitted, I am planning to attend from Fall 2017. I don't really want to inform my employer regarding my plans due to various reasons.
    [LIST][*]My current F1 visa and OPT expires in July, 2017 (not counting the extra 7 months under the new law), so assuming I don't apply for H1 I can just leave, reapply for F1 and return, but that means no H1. Is that advisable?[*]If I do apply for the H1, assuming I get in, it won't come into effect until October, so in that case can I still change my visa status to new F1?[/LIST]

    I know going from H1 to F1 is reasonably common, but in my case my H1 will still be pending (assuming I get it at all) while I continue on my previous F1 OPT (or Cap-gap) at the time when I will need to change to my new F1. I am really confused. Please help.