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Changing to F1 visa within US

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  • Changing to F1 visa within US


    I am currently here in US on J1 work and Travel visa. I am a New Zealand citizen but origin from india. My J1 will expire in next year January. But i do want to stay here. So my plan is to do a community college. I wanted to know what are the rules for me to apply for f1 visa within usa. Do i need to show proof of funds?. Attend a visa interview ? Or just apply to college and get admission letter and apply to uscis to change of visa status ?... please let me know your suggestions.

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        Documents to be send for the change of status request:

        Form I-539
        Check payable to “U.S. Department of Homeland Security” for $290.00
        A receipt of SEVIS Fee for $200.00. Please check for more details.
        Copy of your Passport pages showing both the picture and expiration date
        Copy of your U.S. visa page
        Copy of the front and back of the I-94 card (the white card normally put in your passport)
        Copies of your family’s I-94 cards (front and back of the cards)
        Form I-20 (Change of status requested)
        Financial support documents
        Original Bank statement or Copy of W-2 form showing financial proof
        Original I-134 Form(Affidavit of Support) or the Statement of Financial Support Form
        Letter from you to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) stating why you wish to change status


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          no need to go any where you can send the docs to uscis all the above docs .first get the i 20 first from univ


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            Thanks Praveen. Im planning to apply for a course with cpt. I am in Network annd security major. I do have ccna certification.Any suugestions on a college that supports cpt on networking courses...?


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              Hi I am an OPT student searching for job in US. If I plan to move to New Zealand what will be the right time to move. Before getting a job or after a year of experience? I am looking for networking related jobs. I have CCNA and MTA certifications. Is there any consultancy to help me with this? please suggest


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                Hey... i would suggest get work experience. Is there any reason for NZ . I would say try Australia its a bigger job market. How your experience here in us?. Are you finding it hard to get work...