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    I have a question regarding my sevis record. I complete my 1 sem. in CA college in spring 2015 then i took summer break in that college. And then i transfer to NY college in Master and i start my 1st semester in Fall 2015 and then I ask my DSO that can i take break in Winter 2016? She ask me that did you complete 1 semester in previous coll? I said yes but she did not specified me that did you took and break in previous school. So she gave me drop latter and i fill and submit and then i was sick for 2 month and my sickness is serious after 2 month i will plan to go INDIA and meet my family Doctor. Before i leave US i plan to register for next semester so i know that when i have to come back. When i reach at my college they said your sevis (I-20) is terminated. I was shocked and ask my DSO why? She said you was not eligible for break because you already took break in previous school. I said then you have to inform me about this situation. They terminate my sevis before 1-2 half month ago and they didn't inform me even. Now they say Sorry. Now I am in trouble. They say you can reinstatement or re entry. Now i am scare for re entry if visa officer not allow me to entry in USA or also worried about reinstatement What they office decline after 5 month. Can you suggest me what option is good for me? Reply me as soon as possible because school already west my 1/2 month.

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        And for you who has this situation, talk with DSO of both university rather then asking help in here. Its full of racist cynic all over, who don't have any idea about rules / norms but will be first to comment. Your DSO will have the best knowledge about situation like this by the book.


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          hey do you know if we can start a business while on opt and at the same time work for an employer?


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            I do sympathize about the situation this person is facing, but seriously how do you guys even get entry to the US. Your English is impeccable Sir/madam. I don't want to keep this as an evaluation criteria of your credentials but for real please at least be adept of the rules. It aggravates me that a bunch of our talented candidates lose H1b seats to people like these who switch universities, don't follow the rules/law, work illegally and of course have multiple entries in the H1b lotto. ( It's just an assumption in the end ) . But I still hope you find a way through and are able to maintain your status ( cause in the end I am a good guy) Best of luck!!


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              Reinstatement is not that difficult .get an I 20 from any university and cross the mexico border and come back its only one day work .