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  • F1 Extension on OPT STEM


    I have a valid i-20, STEM OPT and my F-1 Visa expires in May 2016. My STEM OPT is valid till Feb-2017. My company applied for my H1B last year but my application was not picked in the lottery. They are applying this year as well.

    My job responsibilities involve traveling to Asia frequently. So I was planning on getting my Visa extended in Hong Kong.

    I have a valid I-20, STEM OPT EAD Card, Offer letter from the one of the top companies in the United States, recent Pay slips and a good recommendation letter from manager. I can also show strong ties to India (Family ties, Property etc.,)

    My question is- Can I get my F-1 Visa extended while I am on STEM OPT ?
    Will my previous H1B application reduce my chances of F1 visa extension ?
    Do you foresee any risks ?
    I was planning on going for the F1 extension before my F1 expires in May (so that I can return to The States before May 2016) . Can the officer cancel my previous F1 ?

    I would really appreciate it if some one can share their experience.

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        Thank you all for your feedback. Based on your interview experience. Do you think I need to carry documents showing strong ties to India ?

        Thank you for suggesting drop box. But, I don't think I can do Dropbox in Hongkong. Anyone has information regarding this ?


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          Well as soon as you apply for F1 extension, ur present F1 automatically expires. Secondly see if you qualify for dropbox. Incase if you do qualify for it, I would advise to go for extension. I have recently got my F1 extended in december 2015. I was on OPT too. I got a 5 year stamping and i got qualified for dropbox. So bottom line is if you qualify for dropbox, u can go ahead. Hope this helps.


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            Extention of f1 is difficult as you are a graduated student and probability is less as you completed your studies .if you are still studying then they may extend till the end of the course and h1 rejectin will not effect your visa .the f1 visa extenstion approval rate is negative .but you can still give a try


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              I recently got my f1 visa stamped in stem opt. I didn't have any problems. Just carry the documents which shows you are employed and your ead card


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                hi, did you get the F-1 visa ?