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F! visa 1.5 yrs - bt in I20 it is 2 years

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  • F! visa 1.5 yrs - bt in I20 it is 2 years


    I got my f1 student visa for SVU, California for this semester starting on 8-sept-2015. But due to 221G issued to me, there was a delay in the processing and i got my passport on 10-sept-2015 and could not go to college this semester.

    I planned to defer the admission and go to college for Jan 2016 session. I applied for the same and the new I20 with deferred dates will be sent in a week. My visa validity is until September 2017. But if i go in Jan 2016, the course will be until December 2017 (24 months from Jan 2016).

    To be precise, my friends got visa validity for 5 years. I got for 2 years and since my college has already started, i had to differ my admission. Can you please tell me how can I proceed in this case as my visa expiry will be before the course completion. Will I get extension after going there? or will I get visa extension here for this with extended validity? or any thing else?

    Thanks for your help in this regard.

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        Duration of visa and duration of your course are completely different... If you course is extended you visa will also be extended... No worries... You go for restamping after you enter us.. Good luck
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          no worries. By the time ur visa expires, if u r in the US with valid i-20, u can continue ur studies and complete it even if the visa has expired.


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            Visa and maintaining F1 status are two different things. Visa is for entering into US, once you are admitted, you can stay as long as you are able to maintain status (F1, H1 etc). However, if you want to travel and the visa is expired by then or if there is any change in status, you have to go for stamping again.


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              Ya thank you all for your response. I understood that visa expiry and maintaining f1 sts are different things and visa is just only for entrance into usa. But based on the difference between visa validity 1.5 yrs nd course duration 2 yrs, will there b ny problem at the port of entry from immigration officer.


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                Shouldn't be a problem, don't worry. All the best.