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  • Visitor Visa --> F1 Visa

    Hi, I'm an international student carrying f-1 status. Currently I'm studying at county college but moving to an university. So, the issue I came here on a visitor visa i.e b1/b2 visa but I changed it to f1. So,right now I have legal status with a legit/valid i-20. My question is, since I came here on visitor visa so my I-94 is expired already, so is it possible that I could update my I-94 without any complications?? Please provide me this information.
    Thanks. God bless

    This was posted on on May 17th 2013

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    This is one of my friend's experience,So thought let me share with you people... so that may help many others...
    It's a story about one the guy to whom I met. H1-b visa was good till Oct 2010 and passport was expiring Nov 2008, so when I entered the country in Feb 2008, I-94 exp date was put as Nov 2008. Later I renewed my passport, it came back to me form my embassy in Dec 2008,, then I completely forgot about the I-94 thing, until this month. March 1st I was just going to through my passport I realized the I-94 being expired, did online research came across this forum too read post like its OK to go to local CBP office in Mobile, Al, found one office and decided to go there.... When I went to the local CBP office, told the officer (Officer Cloud) my problem, first it took him like an hour to understand that how I-94 had a different exp. date than my Visa, then finally he understood and after three hours of some paper work the sick bastard arrested me, I kept telling him about that my family is waiting for me, I am legal, I graduated from the US, working for a company and stuff... he didn't listen to any of it and send me to New Orleans jail with shackles in my hand and feet. Kept me there for three days and then transferred me to Tensas Parish Prison with 100s of other illegal immigrant... these places were like from hell, whole thing felt like a nightmare. My family tried to get me out on bail with the help of a lawyer, but that stupid jerk CBP officer put "not eligible for bond" on my case file. Only a so called immigration judge could over-ride this. I talked to different ppl over there and found that there were a few other cases like this and they have been there for at least 6 weeks. With God on my side I got court hearing on the day 10 and judge overrode the CPB officer "not bail able or not eligible for bond" decision and made my family pay $2500 just to get out of the jail. Case is still going on and will continue for at least 3-4 months. Till the end of the case they'll keep my ID, SS card, passport and I-797, so I am completely handicapped... and not even sure what will be the outcome of the case, I am expecting my company to fire me since they do not want to deal with these immigration issue in these tough economic times.
    Morale of this story: keep ur visa and passport valid along with your I-94, because Immigration is the dirtiest, ugliest shi* department and you do not want to get into that mess since they really don't care about ruining your life at all.... And if something is wrong with any of these always consult a lawyer first......


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      Great lesson to learn here! Thanks Anup Shah for your post. I felt so sad about your dirty experience with Immigration.