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  • Sevis termination

    Hi. My name is Sam.

    My SEVIS was terminated by XYZ university because of my failure to maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 in the last december. Meanwhile I applied for ABC univ in the recently concluded Spring 2015 and even completed a semester over there. What the International Student Services dept of the univ suggested me was, to submit an application (I-539) to the USCIS dept for the activation of Sevis

    Its been like 4 months since I've submitted the application, but there is no update regarding the issue. My application was received on April 6 2015, and when I contacted the customer service they informed me that applications of Oct 2014 are currently being processed and they have no clue when my application will go to the officers desk.

    I have an SSN and even my professor is willing to have me as his RA. But the HR dept is abstaining me from proceeding forward. Apart from this even the State of Texas is unable to issue me the State ID or even the Drivers License since they are unable to find my Sevis status in their system.

    I have been going through a worst phase and don't know what to do. Please can anyone help me come out of this.

    Thanks in advance.

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        how did you attend classess at ABC uni when your sevis was terminated from pervious one


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          Usually the ISO or your DSO should help u reinstate your sevis issue. Check with our ISO regarding this matter.


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            Is it legal to stay and attend classes until you get a decision from USCIS on Reinstatement?

            What is the dependency of H1B application to get approved, when your Reinstatement is still pending?


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              First of all sounds like your DSO from ABC university is not sure about what they are doing. If I were you I would tell them to call the USCIS to expedite the case. At the same time get a good immigration lawyer who can assist you correctly.


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                Hello,I did not enroll for summer classes and I did not report to university will my sevis terminate


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                  Originally posted by DesiOPT-FaceBook-Fan View Post
                  Hello,I did not enroll for summer classes and I did not report to university will my sevis terminate
                  But my university told me that it's summer semester is not mandatory