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  • I20 question

    So I failed to submit my I20 extension in time so i have to activate my new ( innitial ) i20 again by re-entering US.
    Since my student visa is expired and i can't go back to my home country to renew it im considering going to either mexico or canada and come back. My passport is still valid for 6 months foward.
    1. For Canada/Mexico do i need a visiting visa or some sorts of documents?
    2. Can i make a same-day trip ( fly out and fly back right away )
    3. Which one would you guys suggest me? Canada or Mexico?

    One more thing. "With an initial I-20 students are not allowed to enter the U.S. any earlier than 30 days before the program start date shown on page 1 of the I-20. "
    I dont understand this statement, so does it mean I have to wait 30 days to do the re-entering process?
    Please help me as it's urgent. Thanks.

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      1) Canada needs a visiting visa to enter the country, while Mexico doesn't need a visiting visa up to 72 hrs. Canada visit visa may take up to 3days for approval, so I would avoid.
      However, you will need a new F1 visa to enter back into USA as I see u mentioned student visa expired.
      2) I don't think u can do the same day fly back thing, cos it might take 2-3 business days for you to get your passport with the new visa like the first time.
      3) 30 day rule- u can enter within 30days from ur semester start date meaning if u go out of the country today I.e July 11, and if your semester doesn't start until till August 20, you can only enter into USA with a new visa after July 20th, as ur semester would be 30days from July 20th.
      Hope this helps. Good luck!!


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        Mexico is risky ,you can only stay for 72 hrs and since you need a new visa its not recommend at all .Best option would be to go back to home country and get a new F1visa and come back. You can only enter 30 days before the official semester start date given by the University .


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          Hi friends,

          I have a question regarding the SEVIS. My H1 didnt got pick for this year and i'm going to do my second Masters. The thing is i got the Admission in a university from Sep 4 but my visa is going to expire on July 19th. I made the arrangements for my SEVIS transfer to the new university on 16th July. So is there any problem for my status if i stay in US without going to university for 2 months? I heard that i have grace period of 60 days to register into a new university after my visa expiration but suddenly i got a doubt regarding that. Please let me know if i'm wrong or let me if there is any problem with my current situation.

          Thanks in advance!


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            No problem as long as u get ur sevis transferred within the 60 day period. Once sevis is transferred, u ll automatically be on F1 from F1- opt status .


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