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sevis terminated out of f1 status- complicated case

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  • sevis terminated out of f1 status- complicated case

    hello everyone

    i came to pursue my MASTERS IN xxx university in the dept of EE. Done with my first semester but was in probation with 2.66 gpa got B B C grades. In my second semester i couldn't concentrate as well. i any how gave my exams but got the same grades with same Gpa. now this time the university terminated me from college coz of having and maintaining low GPA. and also my SEVIS got terminated. now im in a situation where my doors are closed. i met my proff and told him my situation. he made a commitment that i need to retake of the C grade course i accepted it. He also gave me a LOR. the admissions office accepted this but intern they asked me proof of funding. i gave them a new proof of funding by showing current bank details. my international student adviser gave me a RE-IN Statement form i.e. I-539. she also told me that i need to write a letter to USCIS regarding my current situation and ask them for help to ACTIVATE my sevis. so i just want to follow the steps i.e. file in for reinstatement form. my ISSO told me that if they accept you its fine. else if they DENIED you, you must leave the country. what to do now?? i don't have any other admits too. i've applied to 2 UNIVERSITIES. if i got the admit can my sevis get transferred?? Even if i apply for another university and get an admit ill have an file in for reinstatement for F1 status scan. in this case the USCIS might take 2-4 months for the decision if i apply for re in-statement. If it takes more than that and decision is not in my favor (denied) then i would be in deep trouble . By then i would be staying more then 5 months illegally in USA. This could to lead to a decision of 3 - 10 year ban on me for not entering USA. Can u people please help me out what to do. can u give any suggestions for reinstate of f1?? what to do now?? can i go back to India??

    please help me out..!!!

    Thanks in advance...

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