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F-1 student re-entering on an I-20 from a new university with a new SEVIS. Help needed!

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  • F-1 student re-entering on an I-20 from a new university with a new SEVIS. Help needed!

    Hi, I'm posting this question as I have seen a lot of people get valuable advice from this forum.

    I started my MS at University A in Fall 2014 and completed a semester there. I took a semester break and came back to India as I was unable to cope up with my chosen stream there. I now have fresh admission from University B and it has issued me a new I-20. I have also paid the SEVIS fee for the same. I plan on re-entering USA this summer. So basically I have been out of status for around 3 months now and will be beginning afresh in University B. I have the following questions pertaining to the same :

    1) Do I need a new F1 visa to enter the country?

    2) Do I need to contact University A for any kind of permissions or advice? Or do I need to inform them about my new admission? Can that university cancel my visa sponsorship or anything of that sort if I do not inform them? What will be my legal situation overall with the decision that I have taken?

    3)All said and done, where do I stand in terms of my OPT/CPT thingy? Does the time that I accumulated before come into picture or do I need to study for 9 months and then be eligible for CPT?

    This is a very sensitive situation. I'd really appreciate your help on this. Thank you!

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      Don't worry bro you will be alright. I have done 3 times till now.


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          1)no 2)I dont think because yu are in different sevis 3) that depends on university some universities will give cpt from day 1


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            1) no
            2) no need at all
            3) u ll be treated as a new student so again 9months or two sems according to ur school rules to be eligible for cpt.
            FYI, if this is ur first degree in US, do not join schools that give cpt from day 1, it is a different case if u already have a completed degree in the US.