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  • failed to register for the courses


    i'm a current student in a university. I did not registered the courses for the coming term which is starting from nov 17th. As i have due balance on my account i was not able to registered for the courses (as it is a online process). I have already applied for the loan and its under process and will take 15 days to complete. as the deadline of registering to classes was only till 14th nov i spoke to the people where the school fee payment is done. They said that i should clear out the due balance then only i can register. They also said that after the deadline the registrations will be closed and will not be opened again. I tried a lot to arrange my fee but unfortunately i couldn't and the loan amount i can get is after 15 days that would be by nov 30th and my classes are starting by nov 17th. Now the deadline is finished still im not registered into courses. Will this leads to termination of my sevis?or i still have a chance of talking to other officials who deal with this issues?

    please help me out. i have no idea what will happen. i'm so tensed plz provide info asap as i'm running out of time. with your help i may save my status and can complete my degree.

    Thank You

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      Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (Nov 17th)


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        You need to register as full time student to maintain F1 Status.. If not, it might terminate your SEVIS. Not trying to scare you though. Please talk to your international advisor asap. Most of the time schools are strict about these things but if you talk to the advisor and department they might come out with some alternative. All the best! Keep calm and figure it out.


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          Talk to the Dean or to DSO and try to convince them to let you register for time being. In case you SEVIS is terminated you will end up in more trouble another choice is take a transfer than you will get a 60 days gap and that will give you some time to resolve the financial issues you are facing.


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            As per F1 you need to register as a full time student for fall and spring in most of the universities but I suggest you to do not panic and talk to your DSO and then resolve it but I will tell you be in safe side better make your arrangements faster to pay off the fee I can't say more than this yes if you don't register you will violate F1 but most of the universities have different solutions for this so just check with your DSO and the department administration will.have a safe landing from your.problem all.the best brother


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              Talk to your DSO and try to get break for this semester before they terminate your Sevis !


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                above mentioned a good point, you can take a break from this semester. Talk to your international student adviser. They can help you for sure.


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                  i spoke to ISS they said to pay fees or they will terminate my i20..again admit i feb intake i will b charged for only travel expenses but not for sevis or visa


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                    Loan company name please

                    Hi Sareen,

                    Sorry to hear about your situation. I hope your ISS advisor will definitely help you with an alternative. Please guide me with the loan company name that you are getting loan from. I need to arrange a loan for my spring semester. Please help.


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                      Hi me too in same problem. Could you please suggest me