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How to extend F1 Visa?

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  • How to extend F1 Visa?

    Hi,I am a student and whenii initially joined the course it was till august 2014,but I extended my course and now it ends in March 2015. Unfortunately, the embassy granted me visa only till Jan 2015 and now I wish to extend my visa. Please tell me how do I go about this.

    Thank You

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    Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (Oct 18th)


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      As long as you are doing masters, you can legally stay in US. So even if you take OPT(if its an option for you) after March 2015 , you can still legally stay here. You dont need the VISA date to reflect your course completion Date.


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        If you are within the U.S then you can continue your studies with expired visa ! But if you go out of the country then you need to go to stamping again to extend the visa !!!


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          u dont need to extend u r visa ( stamp in u r passport ) to stay in usa u just need to maintain u r f1 status ..

          And u can not extend it while u are staying in usa ..

          1 If u want to renew it u need to go to a consulate ( check consulate requirements before u go )and apply for f1 visa same as u did it for first time( similar documentation ) ..


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            If you have no plans to visit any country abroad you are fine to stay in the US as long as your SEVIS does not expire... If you plan to leave the country, you'll require to renew your visa to re-enter...