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Got Married on F1 Visa, Wife dependent visa chances ?

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  • Got Married on F1 Visa, Wife dependent visa chances ?

    I am on F1 STATUS and went to india on break and got married and came to us 10 days back and my wife she is in india.....what are the chances of my wife getting the dependent visa ...and what are the documents required can you help me out please...

    This was posted on on April 14th 2013

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    Visa chances depend on your profile. Please detail your profile i mean what studies are you doing and what are the funding units for your study here currently? I got my wife admitted 2 year back as my dependent


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      She wuld get a F2 visa, wich is a dependent visa

      Getting a F2 visa is easy, as it depends on d dependent F1 visa


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        It totally depends on your profile... But the chances of getting F2 visa are good. Just make sure you have enough that you can support your spouse financially along with other documents...