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Travelling on F1 Visa-Confused?

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  • Travelling on F1 Visa-Confused?

    My visa expires in dec it safe to travel on f1 student visa from jun to August 2013.also I am joining a new program from fall 2013.if I go for a visa interview with the new i20 and if my visa gets denied can I still travel to USA with my previous visa that is valid till dec 2013..please help me with this confusion.

    This was posted on on April 13th 2013

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    I dont think you can go for new visa interview until your existing visa expires.


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      If you go for a VISA interview.Two things can happen.
      1.You will be given a VISA so old VISA is scrapped and you will get a new one with name of new institution.
      2.Unlikely, but you will be denied and your VISA will be scrapped too.
      You dont have to apply for a new VISA.Just come back.Join the other institution and they will give you a new I-20.Understand that VISA is required only to enter US.Your legal status here is determined by a valid I-20 while you are on an F-1.