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How to change university ?

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  • How to change university ?

    Hello Friends,

    I just joined X university for fall 2014 and started classes but now i wanted to change to Y university from Spring 2015.
    I am already admitted in Y university and i will get my new spring I20 from them and i will also contact them about credit transfer.

    My question is how the sevis transfer work ? I mean what is the process ?? Because in my F1 Visa its written my X university's name and also my SEVIS number, so how to change that ?

    The main problem is that I already have tickets to India for a vacation from dec 16 to jan 10. So shall i transfer before going or after coming back ??

    Because if i transfer before going then it can only be done after my finals i think. so my finals end on 14th dec. so i do not have time.

    And if i transfer after i come then the Y uni. is starting from 12th jan and i will be arriving on 11th, so will that be too late to transfer.

    Please suggest me


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      Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (Sept 25th)


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        Copy all these questions and send an email to "Y" university officials who deal with international admissions. Here are the answers for your questions in my point of view
        1. Your X university people will transfer your sevis record to Y university but your sevis number which is on your visa remains same even after transfer.
        2. The co-ordination between the universities is what makes big difference before it's too late, try contacting university officials. The Sevis transfer should take atleast a week, but if you do it after coming back, the office might be busy with new students and may take longer than expected and also it will be late in the other university you are willing to transfer.
        3. Transferring Sevis before going to India and transferring credit after coming back from India is the best option you have.

        Good Luck!!


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          Your sevis number remains the same for Y uni. Your new I20 will have the same sevis number if you have told the Y university about the transfer. You have to fill out the transfer-in form and it takes 1 minute for a transfer. I am sorry i cannot answer the other two questions. Ask your international students office may be.


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            Thanks alot for your answers!
            Vamsi Krishna Sarma I was thinking to transfer the SEVIS before going to india but will that not be a problem while returning back to US ? Because for going on a vacation we need a signature on our I20 and while returning i will have to show new I20 with no signatures?