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F1 Visa interview - 221(g) green slip received at mumbai consulate

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  • F1 Visa interview - 221(g) green slip received at mumbai consulate


    I have received a 221(G) receipt during my F1 VISA INTERVIEW.

    I have been asked to submit documents online. My VISA interview was on 13 June. Its been four days already (well, two were weekends and one was interview day itself but...)

    I am sending the list of information they need. I have got everything but I need to know how much to write, in what format and what contents

    1) Invitation Letter - I already got one. It is my admit offer letter with details of funding and with details of my supervisor and his research
    2) Resume (Should I use the one from univ application or something different)
    3) Research (how much should I write here. I have different projects during my bachelors, masters and during my 2nd and 3rd year of bachelors as well. How much to write. 300 words or just short bullet points describing in brief about my research. Should I submit the entire thesis)
    4) Position (should I include my current position at my job or the position i would get in my Phd)
    5) Purpose (I am not sure what goes here)
    6) Itinerary (I am visiting office of International students. I haven't booked tickets yet. The orientation is on Aug 14, so should I put Aug 14. Is there anything else required like about my department contact or my professor)
    7) Funding (travel - my father, research - my univ. is there anything else required)
    8) Travelers (No additional travelers with me)
    9) Travel (Went to UK for my masters. i have never traveled outside UK and came back in Oct 2013)

    I want to submit all this tomorrow. I have everything but i do not want to be late. i need to reach the univ by Aug 14. It is just two months away.

    If someone can help please help asap.

    Best regards,

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