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Is it safe to travel to home country multiple times on F1 visa?

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  • Is it safe to travel to home country multiple times on F1 visa?

    Hi, I am an international student I have started my masters degree in computer and information science in the month of january, 2011 and shifted to software engineering department in the month of may, and when I started my 2nd semester in the month of August I was facing some health problems then, so thought of going to India, and hence had taken a semester break and went to India and came back in the month of Dec, 2011, and I have started my 2nd semester again in the month of January, 2012 and again went to India in the month of May, 2012. I have done my 3rd semester after coming back from India. Now I am in my 4th semester and I am planning to go to India in the this years month of May, and planning to return on July1, and my port of entry is Chicago, I will be having one more course to get completed after coming back from India , and that course will be of 4 credits and from July - August. Will there be any problem if I go to India for the 3rd time? Will I be facing any problem at the Chicago port of entry? I am bit worried, what do you suggest ? Thanks

    This was posted on on February 3rd 2013

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    If you have proper documentation, usually it is not an issue but no one can guarantee entry to USA as immigration inspector authorizes or denies admission even if you have proper documentation. Please refer


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      Shouldn't be a problem if you are a student and have credits to take for completing your course work. If you have graduated and go in OPT then it can get difficult...


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        The post says the person will have 4 credits to be completed on returning from India. To be considered a full time student isn't it necessary to be registered for a minimum of 6 credits?


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          to be considered full time u need to be registered for 9 credits. I don't think it would make a difference either way. I have traveled to India and back thrice on F1.


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            I just went on my OPT and came back on Jan 15..It was a smooth questions asked or any other issue


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              Nilay Patel Thanks for sharing your experience