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Taking a semester off-F1 Status

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  • Taking a semester off-F1 Status

    I am on F1 status and started my MS program from XYZ university in Spring 2013.I want to take a semester(Spring 2014) off and again enroll in classes in Summer/Fall 2014 in the same school or a different school with the same/different major.Is it possible to do that?

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      Talk to your DSO and reason should be strong


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        Yes you can take a leave by not enrolling or dropping all the courses but you be allowed to stay for 30 days in usa .. you have to leave country after thar international office regarding i20 and stuffs


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          for that u need to leave country and enter again before one month of next sem start your school immigration..


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            1. You have to leave the country.
            2. A strong medical reason.


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              Anyone with the detailed and correct answer to the question posted above. I too have some similar question. 1) if we can take an off how many days we can stay away from classes w/o having to go for a visa interview again.
              2) From when will they start counting the days away from classes? From the last day of previous semester or from the 1st day of coming semester.


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                With a valid reason, you can take a break.
                And do remember, you need to study for at least 2 semesters after your break. You cannot graduate the very next semester. I have a friend who is about to graduate, went back home for a semester due to medical reasons and he studied for one year taking extra course load once he came back.