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Traveling to india (change of status from B1/B1 to F1 in USA

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  • Traveling to india (change of status from B1/B1 to F1 in USA

    Hello Guys,
    I would appreciate if you guys could help me with this. So I came here to USA as a visitor ( 10 yrs visa) and decided to change my status to F1 and currently am going to CUNY as a full time student. I still need three more classes to graduate. My cousin is getting married in india in january and she really wants me to be there. I was just wondering how safe it is to travel. Some people say you have to get stamping done again in india, some simple say thats not the case.

    I would love if some of you have gone through this and can share/suggest your experiences.


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      In India Which State you go.


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        If u want to.come back on f1 you have to go.for stamping


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          You have to attend a VISA for sure...The chances are approval are there..It depends on the way you speak and the accads and the profile. Kind of a risk but not too high risk..If she is that important for you, you can afford a risk


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            U would have to go for f1 stamping and I'm not sure how safe it is


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              Not very risky but just be prepared to answer, why u entered with a visitor visa n y u planned to shift on to F1. Make sure u hve strong answrs


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                Trust me. Dun take the riskk!! I was on H4 and I was living in US since 10th grade and decided to change my status to f1 and went to india to get my stamping done but, thy rejected me!! Although, I didnt give up and tried from chennai and I got it


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                  My husband is tryng to come on B1/B2 pretty soon, & convert to F1 later. can you please help me suggest, as you have already been there.

                  I am worried about I-94 expiration etc.


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                    I have the same question as Shilpa... can I enter the country in my current valid B1/B2 and then apply for F-1 after collecting the I-20 from the college?
                    Actually due to my late decision of taking the course, I'm unable to arrive in the US before the last date mentioned on the I-20. To avoid hassles during immigration when I reach there, I want either a new I-20 with an extended date or enter with B1/B2 and apply for F-1 from there.
                    Please guide what can be done.


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                      I NEED AN ADVICE PLEASE GUIDE ME
                      My educational background involve I have done 2 bachelor [1]Bachelor in arts[2]Bachelor in law

                      My future aim is to settle down in usa ----I find education is only mode by which i can get a job in usa and thereby earn salary there. I am from a middle class family and taking a huge loan and coming to usa KEEPING IN MIND THAT I WILL REPAY IT when i get job. After searching i found out that i have 2 option

                      First to do mba from there [which provide me 1 year of opt and 1 chance to apply for h1b]

                      OF IT FIELD IN USA

                      but after some research i found that if i do stem degrees [masters in computer information system] i get 29 month extension and 3 chance of h1b process and i also came to know that most of h1b sponsors are hiring graduate students from IT field especially computers.and it is easy to find a job in IT field comparatively if you done an mba from a university not in top 20 as i cant afford those due to high tuition.Another reason is that as we know that h1b is a lottery so if i do mba and donot come into a lottery than icant work in usa and if i couldnot work in usa i cant pay my loan expenses by working in india and this education dream will be a curse and i donot want to go under that situation But if i choose an masters in computers even if i couldnot get a job in 1 year , i can work in opt and apply for next year due to stem extension.but my case has a demerit i have no IT experience some one told consultancy will solve your issue and make your resume look nice.please guide me showing real picure of usa??as this step will be turning point in my life?How the IT scene in usa ???Does stem student after graduation find a job?As my bachelor is not in computers and simple arts does it have any effect in visa or h1b or when employer looks at resume?Guide as i don't know IT scenario there?Bottom line is i donot want that situation in which i haven given a degree and said go back to india as earning in usa and settling down here is my priority and that is why i am taking education a a medium pathroute to usa in which i found IT field a safe step............................Guide

                      PLEASE SAY IT FIELD REAL PICTURE IN REGARD TO JOB OPPORTUNITIES, AND HI1B for those who have completed their masters in usa?does fresher tag is a setback or consultancy will feel good

                      email me [email protected]