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F1 Visa Extension and complications for Undergraduate studies.

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  • F1 Visa Extension and complications for Undergraduate studies.

    Hello all ,

    I have been doing my Undergraduate studies from a State University in midwest. I am ( as I write ) in my 9th semester . Due to some poor advising and also as I was ill and couldn't take few finals in the Spring of 2011 , I am making up with all my classes and my graduation needs 16 more credits.
    The problem is that one class is only offered in Fall semester and I couldn't take it this year as I am taking it's pre-reqs. So I am seeing the unwanted probability of going one more semester ( FALL 2014 ) to complete just one 3 credit class. However my Visa runs till 30th August 2014. What should I do ? I am totally lost and fear that I might be deported for failing to graduate in even 5 years. I have no clue how to go about with it. Do cases like mine get Visa extensions ?

    I might have a possibility to return to India for this december. Should I go ? Will there be any complications coming back to the country ?
    Any useful feedback will be much appreciated.


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      No u won't


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        No issues till your I 20 is valid you remain in status, even if your visa expires. After expiry, you will need to stamp an extension before returning to US from any abroad trip.
        You can make a trip to India this December without hassles.


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          Info on Program Extension on F1 visa
          -When determining the program completion date on Form I-20, the DSO should make a reasonable estimate based upon the time an average student would need to complete a similar program in the same discipline.

          -Program extension for students in lawful status . An F-1 student who is unable to meet the program completion date on the Form I-20 may be granted an extension by the DSO if the DSO certifies that the student has continually maintained status and that the delays are caused by compelling academic or medical reasons, such as changes of major or research topics, unexpected research problems, or documented illnesses. Delays caused by academic probation or suspension are not acceptable reasons for program extensions.

          -A DSO may not grant an extension if the student did not apply for an extension until after the program end date noted on the Form I-20. An F-1 student who is unable to complete the educational program within the time listed on Form I-20 and who is ineligible for program extension pursuant to this paragraph (f)(7) is considered out of status. If eligible, the student may apply for reinstatement under the provisions of paragraph (f)(16) of this section.

          -For a school enrolled in SEVIS, a DSO may grant a program extension only by updating SEVIS and issuing a new Form I-20 reflecting the current program end date. A DSO may grant an extension any time prior to the program end date listed on the student's original Form I-20.

          More at:
          ยง Sec. 214.2(f) Students in colleges, universities, seminaries, conservatories, academic high...

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            You shud nt ve a problem, if u have proper documentation regarding your illness earlier. as long as ur sevis is not cancelled or terminated, u r good.


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              If you are not going to be able to finish your program as planned by the end date shown on your I-20 form then you need to go to your academic advisor and they need to fill out an extension form for your study. You will need to show that you have the necessary funds to be able to stay in the US for the extra time it takes to finish. Make sure you extend before you reach the end date on your form. You shouldn’t have any problems if you do this.