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Question about F-1 Visa interview for international students

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  • Question about F-1 Visa interview for international students

    I was admitted to a 2-year MS program. I have several questions about the F-1 Visa interview to study in the US.

    Finance related:

    Do I have to show 2x the amount written in the Form i20? Would I get away with showing say 1.8x?

    I have read that I should show 6 months worth of bank statements. Is this necessary or will 1 recent one be sufficient?

    If my parents are willing to support me, do I have to have them write and sign a letter of support to show to the Consular Officer? Or are recent bank statements from my parents' bank accounts sufficient? If the former, is there a standardized template?

    Do I need to show 6 months worth of bank statements from my parents, if they are supporting me, or will 1 recent one be sufficient?

    Is it necessary to show tax returns, and for how many years?

    Do my financial statements need to show the amount in USD? Or can I show the amount in my home country's currency? If the latter, what do I need to prove to the Consular Officer what the exchange rates are?

    Proof of non-immigrant intent:

    7. Is "my family all reside in my home country" a sufficient explanation to prove non-immigrant intent?

    8. What "proof" do I need to convince the Consular Officer that I don't intend to immigrate the United States? I don't own any major assets such as property, or investments. The main asset I have is my savings account. I don't have a guarantee of employment in my home country after I graduate.

    If anyone has been through it, any input is appreciated.

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