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Questions about financial status for F1 visa

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  • Questions about financial status for F1 visa


    I graduated in 2018 from one of the top 10 engineering colleges in India. I am going to pursue my masters in the field of ECE (specialization: nanoscale devices and systems) from UC San Diego. To sponsor my education, I have taken out a loan of 45 lakhs, and including my personal savings, I will have up to 60 lakhs of liquid funds of my own. My parents are not wealthy and do not earn a lot. They can sustain themselves very well but don't have huge savings. They have a stable house that they live in currently and I want to have one of first cousins or my uncle sponsor me for additional funds needed. Some things to note:

    My I-20 amount is 40 lakhs

    I had an education loan for bachelor's (10 lakhs) that I paid off in 2 years time

    My uncle has a good amount in fixed assets, but around ~ 10 lakhs of liquid assets

    I have 3 years of work experience in the same company that is dominant in electronics market

    I have a very good reason to pursue my masters since it is directly related to my career path and I need to study abroad since this field has little to no education scope in India and UCSD happens to be a leader in this sphere.

    I am the only son, so I have a good reason to return back to India after my education.

    My GRE: 325, TOEFL: 113, 10th standard: 90%+(ICSE board), 12th standard: 95%(CBSE board), Bachelor's: 8+ CGPA.

    My question is this:

    Will my father's poor financial status affect my application in any way? If that is so, how to avoid that?

    Is is okay to have more than one sponsor of my education in the immediate family who are all well earning?

    I have been sponsoring my own education since 11th standard (loans and scholarships) should I mention it in the interview? Will it say I am responsible and reliable?

    Is it okay if I say I want to work for a couple of years in the US to learn the specialty that my stream of choice demands?

    Should I say that I will use the money from CPT/OPT to fund my last semester?

    Can I say that I have 3+ years of work ex in very relevant field and it will help me get jobs easily?

    To pay back my education loan for masters, is it okay to say that I will be the only one paying back the loan since none of my family members are financially strong enough to pay it back. How can I save myself from this question?

    Please let me know if you can help resolve some of my doubts before my visa interview. If there are any specific red flags that I need to address before the interview, please highlight them.

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      To answer a few of your questions,

      - Your financial condition is totally fine. You have a loan of 45 lakh, savings of 60 lakh of your own, plus your uncle sponsoring you if needed. And your I-20 only requires 40 lakh, so I don't see any financial concerns being raised.

      - Never ever say that you intend to work after your study, F1 visa for you is to go N study N then come back. It allows CPT to only if it is required by your curriculum, OPT is only to get some practical knowledge. So it is not to 'work' and earn money, technically speaking of course. So even if you intend to stay and work for a bit, don't mention in your interview. Because that doesn't improve your chances of getting the F1 visa infact most likely it hampers it.

      - Never say that you will use the money that you will earn from CPT/OPT to fund your education because technically you are not supposed to do that. So even if you intent to do that, don't mention it in the interview for all the reasons I mentioned previously.

      - Never talk about how easy it will be for you to get a job in the US after your MS, you will immediately be rejected.

      - You would wanna say that you will go back after your MS, will start your job there, and will then pay the loan back using your salary.

      Note: This is just my personal opinion and should not be taken as legal advice.