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F1 Visa Conversion.

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  • F1 Visa Conversion.


    I am planning to convert to F1 Visa from H4 during December 2021. My Husband is on H1b Visa. He got his extension approved. If I am traveling to India after October 2021. I have to go to drop box to get my H4 visa updated. My question is how can I plan my conversion to F1 Visa.

    Below are a couple of options that I can think of.
    - Get H4 visa updated via drop box, and then go for an f1 visa interview. (Not sure if dates will fall accordingly, Also not sure if this is recommended, and will there be problems during visa interview for f1 ?).
    - Or directly go for an f1 interview without getting the h4 visa updated via dropbox?

    Please post your suggestion. If anyone had a similar issue before, and also how it was handled. Would appreciate suggestions.

    Thanks in advance.

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