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A couple clarifications about the F1 visa for people who don't know what it is...

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  • A couple clarifications about the F1 visa for people who don't know what it is...

    International student here, recently I've seen a lot of people on this sub spew completely incorrect statements about what an F1 visa is and what international students are allowed to do on an F1 visa. Here are a couple clarifications:

    We are allowed to stay in the US over the summer even without enrolling in classes.

    Typically, we are not allowed to take more than 1 online class per semester.

    Exemptions were made to the above rule when classes shifted online last spring.

    I've seen people say that they can't understand why international students are raising such a fuss and why they want to come back to the US if classes move online. You're missing an important point - there are MANY of us who are still currently in the US. I moved in with family here, I have friends working remote internships and others who are taking online classes. Not all of us left in the spring!

    For many of us, moving back home is not simple and easy. Internet at home isn't reliable, time zones affect our work schedule, travel is incredibly unsafe during this time, people might already have apartment leases taken out and others might only have families in countries that have a travel ban in place. I know it's a stereotype that international students are filthy rich but that's simply not true. We cannot drop thousands of dollars to buy flight tickets whenever the government decides to deport us. Yes I do recognize that our visa requires us to be enrolled in in-person classes but we're asking for compassion during such a difficult and trying time. Even though Tech is adopting a hybrid format, we still need some sort of reassurance that we will not be deported if Tech decides to change their format in the future.

    I'm not angry that a lot of American students don't understand what or how our visa works - it makes sense that you don't know much about something that isn't related to you. But PLEASE do not spread false information when you do not know what we are going through. Please have some compassion for your fellow students. Many of us have worked our asses off to be here and just want the best education possible.

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